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  a case in point 恰当的例子
  a fraction of 一小部分
  a narrow escape 死里逃生,九死一生
  a piece of cake 容易的事,小事一桩
  a sore throat 嗓子痛
  a stone’s throw 一箭之遥,很近
  a variety of 各种各样的
  account for 解释,是……的原因
  against one’s will 违背某人的意愿
  agree on 就……达成一致
   agree with 同意(某人),(食物,气候等)适合某人
  ahead of time/schedule 提前
  air crash 空难
  all the year round 一年到头
  another cup of tea/another pair of shoes 另外一回事,另当别论
  anything but 决不
  apart from 除了
   appeal to 吸引
  apply for 申请
  apple of one’s eye 钟爱之物,宠儿
  apt to 有……的倾向
  approve of 赞同,认可
  as fit as a fiddle 很健康
  as a matter of fact 事实上
  as a result 由于
  as a rule 通常
  as usual 跟往常一样
  as a whole 总体上
  as far as I know 据我所知
  as luck would have it 碰巧
  at a loss 不知所措
  at a discount 低于正常价格
  at ease 放松,轻松
  at no time 在任何时候都不,决不
  at one’s wit’s end 智穷计尽,没有办法
   at random 随意的
  at short notice 一得到通知马上就……
  at sixes and sevens 乱七八糟
  at the tip of one’s tongue 话到嘴边,一时想不起
  at times 有时,不时地
  back issue/current issue 过刊/现刊
  be available 有,可提供
  be around 露面
  be bound for (车等)开往
  be bound to 肯定会
  be far from 远不是,根本不是
  be fed up with 对……厌倦,讨厌
  be fond of 喜欢
  be free of 免除,脱离
  be no exception 不例外
  beat about the bush 不直截了当,绕圈子
  behind schedule (车,飞机等)晚点
  beside the point 离题,不中肯
  bite off more than one can chew 承担太多的工作而无法完成,好高骛远
  born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth 出身富贵
  break one’s word 毁约,说话不算数
  break down (车等)出故障
  break one’s word 食言,失信
  break off 暂停工作
  bring up 抚养
  by all means 当然,一定
  by and large 总的来说,大体上
  by chance 偶然,意外地
  by nature 天性
  by leaps and bounds 极快的,大幅度的
  by no means 一点也不,决不

  call it a day 结束,到此为止
  call off 取消
  call on 访问,拜访
   can do with 讲究,能对付
  can not help(doing) 禁不住
  care for 喜爱
   castle in the air 空中楼阁,不切实际的想法
  catch on 变得流行,受欢迎
  catch up with 追赶,赶上
  catch one’s breath 喘口气
  check in 办理(入住)登记手续
  check out 付账后离开
  cheer up 振作起来
  chilled to the bone 冻僵了
  clothes make the man 人靠衣装
  come across 偶然碰见
  come down with 病倒
  come straight to the point 开门见山
  come true 实现
  come up to 达到,符合
  come up with 提出,想出
  concentrate on 集中精力
  count on 依靠,指望
  cross out 划掉,删去
  cut down 削减,删节
  day in and day out 每天,始终
  deal with 论述,关于,处理
  die away (声音等)逐渐消逝
  dos and don’ts 规则,允许的和不允许的
  do in Rome as the Romans do 入乡随俗
  do sb. good/harm 对某人有好处/坏处
  down to earth 实事求是
  doze off 打瞌睡
  draw near 接近,临近
  dress up 穿盛装
  drop by/in 顺便访问
  drop out 辍学,放弃
  easy come, easy go 来的容易去的快
  end in 以……为结果
  end up 结束
  engage in 参加,从事
  every other (week) 每隔一(周)
  express mail 快递
  fall back on 求助于
  fall behind 落后
  familiar with 熟悉
   few and far between 很少,很稀疏
  figure out 弄清楚,算出,想出
  fill the prescription 按照药方配药
  find fault with 挑剔,抱怨
  flat tyre 轮胎没气了
  for the time being 暂时
  for sale 待售
  focus on 集中在
  for a change 为了换换花样
  for a time 暂时,一度
  for ages 很久
  for free 免费
  for good 永久的
  for the time being 暂时
  free with money 花钱大手大脚
  from bad to worse 每况愈下
  from time to time 时常

  gain weight 增加体重
  get along with 与……相处
  get on in years 上了年纪
  get out of bed on the wrong side 一早起床就情绪不好
  get rid of 摆脱
  get somewhere 取得进展
  give sb . a cold shoulder 待人冷淡,态度不友好
  give sb . a lift/ride 让某人搭车
  give sb . a ring 给某人打电话
  go beyond 超出,胜过
  go Dutch 各自负担自己的费用
  good for nothing 没用的人或事物
  go on a diet 节食
  go on strike 罢工
  go over 复习
  go sightseeing 观光
  go with 与……相配
  hand in 交上
  hand up 挂断(电话)
  have a word with 和…..谈话
  have access to 可以使用
  have an appointment with sb 与某人有个约会
  have butterflies in one’s stomach 紧张
  have one’s hands full 十分繁忙
   have a fever/temperature 发烧
  have nothing to do with 与……没有关系
   have no idea 不知道
  have the final say 有决定权
  have sth . in common 有共同之处
  have sth. done 让别人做某事
  head for 前往
  hear from 收到某人的信件
  hear oneself think 专心思考
  heart and soul 全心全意地
  heavy traffic 交通拥挤
  high time 是该做某事的时候了
  hit the ceiling 勃然大怒
  hold the line/on 别挂电话
  hold up 耽搁
  in a mess 混乱,乱七八糟
  in a sense 从某种意义上讲
  in addition to 除了
  in advance 提前
  in case 以防,以免
  in debt 负债
  in exchange 作为交换
  in a good/bad mood 心情好/坏
  in honor of 为庆祝/纪念
  in low spirits 情绪低落
  in memory of 为纪念
  in no time 很快
  in part 部分的
  in particular 尤其,特别
   in person 亲自
  in season (蔬菜,水果等)当令
  in the dark 不知道,蒙在鼓里
  in the long run 从长远来看
  in theory 从理论上说
  in turn 依次,轮流
  in vain 徒劳,白费
  interfere with 干涉,影响
  it depends 看情况,视……而定
  it is sb.’s treat 由某人请客